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Keys To Connecting With Your Audience

The MOST important Keys to developing a STRONG Digital Marketing community. Read below what steps you might take to insure your not missing the mark with your company personal brans or ministry.

Have you ever been in a conversation and one person seemed to do all the talking? That can be very frustrating when the other person can’t get a word in. The feeling is what you have to say doesn’t matter at all. Those types of relationships are very lopsided. The one who feels dominated finds it very difficult to engage in the conversation. What role do you play in your social conversation? Are you the dominant talker or the one always listening. What that means to you is your always speaking, posting, writing, etc. but never connecting or communicating. You find yourself talking a lot and no one is talking back. Feedback from your audience is always built on giving away communication. What that looks like is the intellectual property you give away without expecting something in return. This builds value and trust with your supporters (audience). They don’t want to be talked at but communicated with. When you understand that key ingredient success in your communication will begin to grow. Look at it as a cake with no baking soda. That’s the key ingredient for a cake to rise. Without that piece, a cake doesn’t look like a cake. Use all communication keys to have success with your Digital Marketing Community and your supporters will grow.

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