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Dwan, VP Global Marketing Director

We could attribute that success specifically to the work that Jayson and Bellamy Media Group provided for us. As a result of that success, we entrusted a few more of our significant brands with him and his team and under his care, one of our brands - Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils - has just exploded in the US. And it is specifically because of the type of ad management, social media content creation and development and really incorporating ad management into our overall social strategy.

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Erik, Creative Managing Director

Jayson conducts himself with total professionalism and integrity in his business dealings. We thought so highly of his integrity that we have also utilized Jayson as a freelance consultant in-house to manage projects and many of our own client relationships. As a growing business, he has made the "pains" of growth much more manageable with his attention to detail and organization.


Heather, Managing Partner

Jayson has provided information and knowledge to help our company create a Social Media Strategy and weekly training on how to set up and manage content on the different Social Media Platforms. Jayson is very informative. It has been a great experience to work with Jayson and he has provided me with information to effectively execute a Social Media plan to grow our brand. I would highly recommend hiring Jayson either as a consultant or "the person" to manage your Digital Marketing!

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